Blue Agate


The Scientist, Obsidian: Obsidian was the villain of their story lmao Oct 13, 2019 17:59:02 GMT
Light: and perhaps some of your old friends are on a discord group, but they just don't visit it? Maybe it is worth checking it out. Oct 13, 2019 17:59:04 GMT
The Scientist, Obsidian: Not exactly friends lol Oct 13, 2019 17:59:07 GMT
Light: oppps xD Oct 13, 2019 17:59:17 GMT
The Scientist, Obsidian: I could try talking to them and see what's up Oct 13, 2019 17:59:26 GMT
Light: good luck :) Oct 13, 2019 17:59:44 GMT
The Scientist, Obsidian: Thanks! Oct 13, 2019 18:02:20 GMT
The Scientist, Obsidian: Sorry I couldn't do much rp lol Oct 13, 2019 18:02:28 GMT
Light: You have your own life. While I did stick to this site, I am not exactly the most active member there ever was either. It is okay. Oct 13, 2019 18:05:23 GMT *
Light: The same really happened with others... Agate/Para just didn't have time and soon stopped visiting the site while logged in. Morion just got bored Oct 13, 2019 18:09:15 GMT
Light: But I still have contact with Morion on skype, I doubt he would like to roleplay, though Oct 13, 2019 18:11:05 GMT *
The Scientist, Obsidian: Ah well, what can you do Oct 13, 2019 18:13:34 GMT
The Scientist, Obsidian: Just wanted to check on this place again and see if I can continue where i left off Oct 13, 2019 18:13:50 GMT
Light: I am not sure where you left off, but It won't hurt to try. If you want to give it a try that is Oct 13, 2019 18:15:25 GMT
The Scientist, Obsidian: I could Oct 13, 2019 18:20:26 GMT
The Scientist, Obsidian: it really depends if the site needs a villain again Oct 13, 2019 18:20:34 GMT
Light: there is still a place for more villians Oct 13, 2019 19:28:48 GMT *
Flurry: The fight system of this site is really Ehh... Oct 14, 2019 0:35:29 GMT *
Chip the Fire Opal: if there was any we would shatter all broken gems loooong time ago Oct 14, 2019 4:01:37 GMT
Fulgurite: Obsidian! YO, long time Oct 14, 2019 5:09:44 GMT