What goes around, comes around|Cancelled|


variscite64: How've ya been dude! It's been a while. Guess you didn't die after all! XD :) Jul 17, 2020 1:06:39 GMT
Howlite: Yeah sorry about that, I had some issues I had to work out Jul 17, 2020 8:11:07 GMT
variscite64: Don't worry about it. Me too. Jul 17, 2020 18:58:54 GMT
Flurry: Wow a lot of guests watching X Jul 20, 2020 17:05:41 GMT
Flurry: Guys joiiiin usssss Jul 20, 2020 17:05:50 GMT
Melody: well 2 guests are me on two different devices when I am offline Jul 20, 2020 20:37:54 GMT
variscite64: I'll join when I get a response. I'll either get my character approved or get my account back for my old one, hopefully both. Jul 21, 2020 22:39:12 GMT
variscite64: Hehe. Yeah, all the guests are waiting for the moment they see someone to RP with. 'Fresh blood!' Jul 21, 2020 22:40:46 GMT
Howlite: I dont mind a little blood in the water myself Jul 22, 2020 10:56:31 GMT
Howlite: I have a thread being made as we speak Jul 22, 2020 10:56:59 GMT
variscite64: Epic. I think I'll be able to rejoin soon. Jul 22, 2020 23:16:24 GMT
Howlite: I hope so. Howlite needs his buddy now more than ever. Though he will be mad for her scaring him Jul 22, 2020 23:27:33 GMT
Chip the Fire Opal: Or fireball in the face? I can provide there Jul 25, 2020 20:14:38 GMT
Howlite: Chip! Boy did I miss you Jul 25, 2020 23:58:25 GMT
Chip the Fire Opal: The pleasure is all yours I can assure you =) Jul 26, 2020 19:14:28 GMT
Flurry: Chaaaap! Jul 28, 2020 1:47:00 GMT
Ruby?: it’s really only been 10 months but i did finally respond:/sorry chip Jul 28, 2020 8:33:16 GMT
Melody: I posted a corrupted gem's concept art that I made some time ago Jul 29, 2020 21:43:46 GMT *
Melody: steven-universe-rp.proboards.com/thread/2690/corrupted-gem-art-me?page=1&scrollTo=33373 Jul 29, 2020 21:44:03 GMT
Melody: here is a link if anyone is interested Jul 29, 2020 21:45:23 GMT *