Star Sapphire


variscite64: by the way, Chip's with Homeworld. Who other than Morion is also Homeworld? Sept 24, 2020 4:13:28 GMT
Melody: *raises hand* Sept 24, 2020 8:28:41 GMT
Morion: We are the Home World Gems. We wish to improve ourselves. Existence, as you know it, is over. You will be assimilated. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. Sept 24, 2020 18:30:07 GMT
Chip the Fire Opal: Well... Chip is with... himself mostly :D Sept 24, 2020 19:24:14 GMT
Chip the Fire Opal: But he needed someone when everybody abandoned him... Sept 24, 2020 19:29:17 GMT
Morion: Mostly... ::) Sept 24, 2020 19:56:59 GMT
Chip the Fire Opal: everybody Sept 26, 2020 13:47:23 GMT
Morion: :| :-S :-/ O_o B-| Sept 26, 2020 13:58:53 GMT
Light: It seems someone needs a hug again Sept 26, 2020 15:03:00 GMT
Chip the Fire Opal: Chip does... everyone has abandoned him Sept 26, 2020 15:08:59 GMT
Light: Everyone... so who? Morion eventually took him under his wing ^^ Sept 26, 2020 15:10:40 GMT
Chip the Fire Opal: And then left the planet, leaving him alone Sept 26, 2020 15:11:09 GMT
Chip the Fire Opal: And his friends all vanished or become traitors Sept 26, 2020 15:11:30 GMT
Light: the beginnings tend to be rough, but he found his family Sept 26, 2020 15:11:32 GMT
Light: that is not true, Morion offered Chip to go with him Sept 26, 2020 15:11:52 GMT
Light: And Light remained on Earth Sept 26, 2020 15:12:00 GMT
Chip the Fire Opal: or broke his heart--- so to speak Sept 26, 2020 15:12:04 GMT
Light: well, at the end of the day he had good intentions, he made sure that a part of humanity and human culture, but also Chip's home will survive Sept 26, 2020 15:12:59 GMT
Light: no matter what Sept 26, 2020 15:13:12 GMT
Light: And he did leave a device to contact Chip even in space Sept 26, 2020 15:13:28 GMT